Let the Games begin

The 3rd Delphic Games were held at Jeju Do, an island south of Korea. In this so-called “Cultural Olympics” 600 participants from 54 countries have taken part in competitions in six categories and 18 disciplines in various cultural fields such as crafts, performing arts, architecture and literature. This festival’s theme: “Tuning into the Nature”.

10 architecture offices were involved in these Games: Marina Stankovic, Jeffrey Inaba, Ian+, Seung Hoy Kim, Kazuhiro Kojima, José Luis Esteban Penelas, Julia Czerniak, Roger Riewe and Jong Kyu Kim were all asked to contribute with a design.

The projects had to be developed in a 4 day workshop organized by Young Joon Kim and took place on the island. All 10 teams were supported by 4 local students. It was Korean style working hours: we were so busy we hardly found the time for sightseeing. Luckily I had already visited the island 4 years earlier…

The island of Jeju is known as Honeymoon Island and described as a crossover between Hawaii, Disneyland and Paradise…

Our team, led by Thijs van Bijsterveldt consisted of Jae Hyun Park, Ji Suk Baek, Ji Yeon Chae and Min Chul Kim and proofed to be fantastic: talented, skilled, energetic, full of ideas and with a sensational sense of collectivity: they just seemed to like to work together and were dedicated to the shared end result.

A new ‘park’ will be constructed in the Gasiri area. The park actually is a line, a path. On this trail 10 special ‘moments’ will be created: 5 small pavilions or observatories and 5 landscaped arrangements that all in principle should emphasize the natural beauty of the area. The sites are carefully chosen by Professor Kim, Tae-il of Jeju National University. In principle all projects will be build. As soon as our wwwebsite is back online we will upload our proposal. And some more.

For the Delphic  award there were two categories: Architecture and Ecological Arts and Communication and Social Arts. The jury consisted of Mr. Min, Seung H-sang and Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

The winners: Kojima-san with a stunningly beautiful land art project and Jong Kyu with a modest and sensitive intervention that addresses the local history and landscape.

collect for site visit

Young Joon Kim

kick off

good news


Site nr 9



Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi Crater


Marina and Tobias

Jose Luis, Seung H-sang, Alejandro

The winner: Kojima-san

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