Loop House (re)Visited

Young Joon Kim -our Korean friend and collaborator on the Loop House- invited us to participate in the Delphic Games, an international competition and festival of culture and arts on Jeju Island in Korea. This was an excellent opportunity to check out the project that we never saw completed.

It was great to meet our client again and see him happier than ever. In Korea it is custom that the oldest son ‘adopts’ the parents. Traditionally they live together to deal with the difficulties that come with aging. We were told that as a consequence the oldest sons might find it rather difficult to get involved in a relationship. But thanks to the layout of the Loop House the parents decided not to move in. The house was not precisely what they would consider inhabitable. Rapidly after the house was completed our client actually got married! Now the family is extending further and the question is how the open plan will accommodate this. The dog already found a nice chalet in the back yard.

Walking through a real space that so far was just a virtual reality is an exhilarating experience. Familiar and still surprising. The spatial quality of the interior is convincing and the roof is absolutely sensational, but the most impressive ingredients are the ancient  trees in the patio  that give the impression that the house is carefully folded around them…

R0013184 sm

R0013185 sm

R0013155 sm

R0013145 sm

R0013133 sm

R0013148 sm

R0013174 sm

R0013195 sm

R0013198 sm

R0013199 sm

R0013200 sm

R0013216 sm

R0013219 sm

R0013222 sm

R0013229 sm

6 Responses to “Loop House (re)Visited”

  1. okonkwo peggy Says:

    pls l will want to ask how much it will cost me for adesign of 25rooms bungalow hotel with private car parks,abar,arestaurant and amedium swimming pool,in nigeria west africa

    • nlarchitects Says:

      Dear Peggy,
      Thank you very much for your request.
      It is hard to assess without some more information about the project.
      Please contact Walter van Dijk @ NL Architects:
      0031 20 620 73 23
      Best Regards,

  2. phoebe Says:

    dear nl architects,
    i’m a student major in architecture.My homewrok this week is to analyze a building.I choose your Loop House because i think it’s interesting and special.I read about this building from your book LIFE LOGO.And now i’m making a model of the Loop house.Could you please give me some advice or tell me some your idea of the house so that I can understand this building better.Thank you very much.
    This is my email phoebefanfan@yahoo.cn

  3. habitar diferente. ocho casas raras « off-Architecture Says:

    […] y hace un jardín dentro de la casa, alrededor del cual se desarrolla. El origen del proyecto es la naturaleza del cliente, un productor musical que la usaría como vivienda y lugar de trabajo, y que por tanto pasaría la […]

  4. Ignacio Peydro Says:

    Just visited with Young Joon Kim in a studio trip from MIT… Fantastic building!!! Maybe the best in Heyri. Congratulations!

    • nlarchitects Says:

      Thank you! very good to hear.
      Heyri Art Village is fantastic: an enclave of contemporary architecture, a coherent refuge… a rare alternative to the sprawl of Mc Mansions.

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