NL Architects Party Blog: Timboektoe







Sea of Flowers

Sand Blast

Last week we had the traditional NL A summer BBQ. Normally in the yard of our  office, now on a more exciting location: the surfers paradise called Timboektoe. This beach club is positioned in Wijk aan Zee where the Amsterdam Harbor meets the North Sea. It is a surreal landscape with a steel plant and blast furnace spitting out steam and fire for dramatic backgrounds. And heavy traffic on the locks. It is one of the very few places along the Dutch Coastline where the surf actually can be good. And today the stormy weather added to the spectacle. We arrived thoroughly sandblasted. And some of the kite surfers never came down…

Since a while it is also the single beach pavilion that is allowed to remain in place all year. Unfolding and wrapping up their ‘village of pavilions’ is a labor intensive and costly operation. It gave the owners the idea to construct a more solid building. They approached us last year to see if we were interested, but the project went on hold soon after. At least we still have a sensational idea for the new building in the drawer; it is virtually ‘there’.

This year’s theme: Sea of Flowers…

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