Unsolicited Architecture: Flip it and Reverse it

view to the river

The view to the Amstel river is blocked by a ‘crust’ of house boats along the banks. Would it be an idea to flip the floating houses to allow ‘visual permeability’?

Unsollicited Architecture_Amstel River_00

Unsollicited Architecture_Amstel River_01

It seems there will remain enough space for traffic on the river. Also the current is not likely to be a problem, it is hardly there. The Amstel is a river that can be reversed at will. In case of drought in the Hinterland of Amsterdam the flow direction can be flipped 180 degrees!

2 Responses to “Unsolicited Architecture: Flip it and Reverse it”

  1. Adam Gebrian Says:

    Hi Kamiel and guys from NL,
    this was my solution to the same problem at Academie van Bouwkunst …
    Definitely much worse than your one … Happy to admit.
    Keep going.
    Regards from CZ,

  2. J vd Steen - Amsterdam Says:

    This post seems to be inspired by a person who lives in the direct neighbourhood of the houseboats on the picture, maybe a person with a personal, financial or political interest of having the floating homes at the picture being (re-)moved ?.

    In the presentation of the houseboats in the reverse-position one can see, writer only flipps the floating houses on one side, probably the side where he lives. The floating homes on the other side of the river are still in normal position. When all floating homes in the Amstel River are projected in a reverse position, one gets a totally different perspective – it will look awful and there won’t be a lot of space for watertraffic.

    Writers way of planning seems not that though – is here a real architect writing ?. Can somebody from the proffession comment ?

    As for the current: it is maybe not so strong, but waves from passing boats certainly are.

    And … what about the famous rowing-races on the river in springtime, and the Intocht van Sinterklaas in wintertime ?.

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