Birds Eye: Prisma from a Balloon


Please check the Under Construction section of our wwwebsite for regular updates:

3 Responses to “Birds Eye: Prisma from a Balloon”

  1. So:ren Says:

    WOW! Did you finally swap the voucher for the sail-plane flight to ballooning? Actually the Prisma section of the construction site is quite outdated, the Skyscraper-boys are far ahead of you!

  2. nlarchitects Says:

    Hi So:ren!
    The skyscraper citizens are amazing: you can almost do day to day site supervising through their efforts to document the building process. (We have the link available in the Googled section of our wwwsite:

    Pieter actually went ballooning once. It was sensational. He expected a strong wind up there, but amazingly there was not even the slightest breeze: you’re propelled by the airstream so you have exactly the same speed…

    I will update the Under Construction section tomorrow… Some scary new pics to add. The wood is ‘bleeding’ and stains the white mesh that covers the balconies from below… Panic!

  3. So:ren Says:

    Puh, the stains don’t look nice indeed. So the plastic planks would have been a better choice.

    From below and with the sun from south the shape of the balconies appears quite spectacular.

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