Proving Ground

Parking your bike in Amsterdam is a hassle. It is not enough to lock it; you’ve got to lock it to something. A war-zone.

In the slipstream of popular talent shows like Idols, Starmaker, Deutschland sucht den Superstar or Pop Idol, now it is the 15 minutes of fame for ‘urban furniture’. A testing ground has opened where 19 different types of bicycle racks can be tried-out. The audience is invited to send in their top 3. Which one looks good? Which one works? Velopgrip, Staple, Dome, or Hurdle? Cast your vote now…

Bike Rack Proving Ground

The project works as a prop for social interaction. Matthijs -not really an expert in this field: he only bought his first bike last year- is discussing the properties of the Tulip with a new friend.

Favorite is nr 10: Parcplace. New kid on the block: firm but modest. It seems real easy to hook up your chain to it to lock your bike. And from all contestants it least obstructs the road when not in use.

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