Carwash for Free

In the orderly world of the suburb even trees can be a ‘nuisance’. In spring some species are notorious for dropping a sticky substance. Honeydew might cover your laundry or your car.

Also the local maintenance department might dislike particular kinds of trees. The amount of dead leaves or blossom create too much work, some types are too expensive or vulnerable or attract the wrong insects.

As Schie 2.0 revealed in their masterpiece called Viva Vinex  there is only one type of tree that performs well in all criteria. And of course only this über tree is deployed.

In the village of Someren in spring it ‘rains’ complaints about the Linden and Maple trees. The leaves exude a sweet, clingy substance that covers cars of the residents. For about 50 households there is no alternative parking spot available. Now the Alderman Willy Hanssen proposes in the ‘tree policy plan’ that the government pays for 8 visits to the carwash: 2.500 euro each year. Cheap compared to replacing the trees he says…

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