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Bouke Kapteijn has left the building… After 9 years as senior developer at housing corporation De Principaal he decided to move to another scale level: he now is a consultant for ‘area development’ at AT Osborn.

During his period as developer we collaborated on two projects: Touwen in the center of Amsterdam and Kameleon in the Bijlmer, now both under construction.  Before his period at De Principaal, we worked together on the implementation of RoofRoad, a residential project with roof top parking, a better version of Vinex, which in spite of Bouke’s support was aborted after 9-11.

Bouke knows how to communicate with architects. He is one. He combines his interest in typology and the financial logic behind it with sensibility for composition and materialization. It is a loss for De Principaal that is he is no longer part of the organization.

Bouke chose a spectacular setting for the reception: the new office of Open Source Amsterdam. OSA is an art route leading from the Kraaiennest metro station to the Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station. OSA features artist like Nicky Zwaan, Jennifer Tee and Thomas Hirschhorn! OSA is located in a ‘penthouse’ on top of the Kraaiennest parking garage, an overwhelming ‘lasagna’ of parking ramps, the ‘Titanic’ of multistory car parks, one of the few relics of the original Bijlmer.

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