A je to!

On May 19 the exhibition Modernice! was opened by Ambassador Rob Swartbol at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. The title is an attempt to express our admiration for the local architecture of the sixties and seventies, by now an endangered species. The show hopes to renew interest in this optimistic and radical masterpieces and to establish a ‘bridge’ with our own work. On one level the title was already successful: several people have asked what Modernice! actually means in Slovak…

The last few years the sculptural wing of the SNG was closed for the public. But now Vladimír Dedeček’s spectacular ‘bridge’ has opened up to show “numerous projects in various stages of development” by NL Architects. An extensive selection of works that have been produced in almost two decades is on display. For us, exhibiting in this spacey room felt like coming ‘home’.

Since the building is no longer rainproof we were advised to think of a way to make our show watertight. It is convenient that the IKEA seats once turned upside down can serve as buckets to catch the rain!

In order to benefit from the sensational daylight, fifty projects are presented in fifty A1 posters that aspire to convey the central idea that is at the basis of these works in one single image: NL from A-Z, from A8ernA to Zwaluwen Utrecht 1911.

If these pictures get you interested, more in-depth information is available through projected slideshows. Over 1200 slides offer over 2 hours of ‘architectural entertainment’. The projections are divided in three subjects: Program the Program, Parking! and The Remix.

The Groninger Forum, in a way our key project, gets center stage and is featured through a 1:100 model, a slideshow and a small film.

The lengthy exhibition space is split into two sections by a transparent black veil, creating two ‘parallel universes’, one dark and one light. The sensuous curtain successfully manages not to divide the room completely. It creates a dark room with a view.

Made possible by Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur

Modernice! Feel the difference: NL@SNG

50 A1: NL from A to Z

Ambassador Rob Swartbol

generálnej riaditeľky SNG Kataríny Bajcurovej opening the exhibit

in blue our man on the inside: Tomas Amtman




press conference

press conference about to start

IKEA seats that serve as buckets to catch the rain INSIDE the 'Bridge'


Rob and Piet

Forum 1:100

Forum 1:100

Illah and Katarína

projection: Parking!

dark room with a view

dark side

Lecture: intro by Ilah and Monika

Dedeček’s Auditorium at SNG

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