Brain Dead

Autopon by Ingwersen

Autopon by Ingwersen_02

The Autopon, an elegantly curved version of the ‘unite d’habitation’ at the Overtoom in Amsterdam by architect J.B. Ingwersen was designed in 1955 as a car showroom. It also contains 56 apartments. One of the rooms spectacularly sticks out off the facade. It is suspended in the air by a ‘concrete hand’.

Later, the car dealer became a furniture shop. King-size beds were on display in the protruding showcase. A great place for a wedding night?

Recently fitness club David Lloyd moved in. Potentially the perfect match between content and form: the hovering glass box is the ultimate setting for a workout.

But somehow the club decided to use the space differently; it is now a storage space! The exhilarating box is clad with frustratingly banal posters. An inferior version of the sensational billboard it should have been…

2 Responses to “Brain Dead”

  1. joeri Says:

    Damn. That’s sad. Is there anyone who can tell the poor chaps at the gym how to use that space properly? Now it is nothing more than an ad of their stupidity.

  2. Onno Says:

    I saw it too and it made me flip! @*()$%

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