Hidden Lake, Florida


Hidden Lake Estates is not your average suburb: here main street is a runway, an airstrip!

The area was developed in 1970 on 400 acres of land. The developer started out with building a 3400 foot lighted and paved airstrip. Streets were built on both sides of the it. The property along these streets was divided into 131 one-acre parcels on which many luxurious homes were built.

Lots adjoining the western side of the runway have direct access to the airstrip. Aircraft on the east side of the airstrip reaches the runway by taxiing on the streets. Because of this usage, Pasco county would not accept ownership of the streets citing liability problems; and ownership remained with the developer.

In mid 1976, the developer began talking about selling the airport and remaining unsold property. Some of the residents, who were aviation oriented, feared that whoever purchased the property might change the airport’s private status or eliminate the airstrip altogether, met to discuss the feasibility of purchasing the property. One of the residents offered to purchase the land that had been set aside for a golf course provided he could develop it into residential lots.

The residents agreed and the property was purchased in April 1979 and in June, a corporation, Airport Investors Inc, was formed with shares being issued to the twenty-one individuals who underwrote the purchase. So was born Hidden Lake Airport as it exists today, a privately owned and operated airport by a corporation of individual stockholders designed to serve those of the community whom had airplanes and wanted the freedom of their own airport.

The entirety of the Hidden Lake Estates and Airport was then licensed as an airport community with the Florida D.O.T. All streets then officially became taxiways and aircraft were deemed to have right-of-way.


Operating Rules:

1. Maintain a listening watch on 123.0 Mhz and make the appropriate reports so that others listening will be advised of your whereabouts or intentions.

2. Watch out for helicopter traffic as well as other aircraft that do not have a radio.

3. Maintain a safe and reasonable speed while taxiing on the streets and be extremely alert for other vehicles and children.

4. For use of the runway at night, key 123.0 Mhz five times within five seconds to activate the lights which will then stay on for about eight minutes.

5. When departing runway 23, expedite a climb as safe as feasible and turn left to a heading of 180 after passing the far end of the runway. Climb to at least 1,000 feet and exit the pattern on that heading.

6. If departing runway 5 or landing on 5 or 23, use the standard left traffic FAA recommended procedures for operations at un-controlled airports.

7. If landing at night and the runway lights fail to come on or anytime severe turbulence and/or high gusty winds are encountered, do not attempt to land.  Please use an alternate airport.

8. This airport does not have an instrument approach procedure.

9. Aircraft wishing to purchase fuel, and guests of our residents are welcome.  An effort should be made to notify the airport authority for guest arrivals.

10. Rotorcraft may use the airport, but may not use streets or taxiways to hover taxi. Rotorcraft may land at private homes provided  that this operation is approved by the Florida DOT and that proofs of such approvals are provided to Airport Investors Inc.


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